In different stages of development:

The Neophyte
A feature length experimental film that takes place on a mysterious island in the Mediterranean, inspired by Gustave Doré's 1866 painting Le Néophyte.


Let's Pretend
A feature length horror film about the trappings of fame that takes place in rural Kansas, 1994.


A feature length drama about two very different women trying to make sense of the senseless. 






'A tremendous accomplishment in storytelling and with one of the best drawn characters I have read in a long time. A real accomplishment, and a real credit to the deftness of Layke’s skill as a storyteller and observer of human behaviour.'  — Pip Pickering

'A brilliant, detailed, subtle and harrowing revelation of grief and recovery. It is so impressive to be able to tell this story without reaching for the cliches and the obvious.' — Stephen Fry

'Brilliant visual story telling and character detail. The relationships are beautifully drawn and very moving, and the imagery is very strong. I’m happy to champion Layke in any way I can!' — Emilia di Girolamo