"Epic in its ambition, this is a big scale idea executed perfectly on a small scale. Polished with a Gravity-esque veneer, the film’s small budget has been no barrier in producing an excellent slice of science fiction... The very best sci-fi finds the balance of humanity within the vastness of the universe, which is exactly what Mankind manages.

An excellent short." - The Pink Lens

"Swirling visual artistry... Beautifully assembled." - Shadows on the Wall

"Seriously atmospheric... wildly thought-provoking." - CGiiiFilm

"Stunningly original." - Dekkoo

"An immaculate and compelling short... Kudos to Anderson for both the high production values of his micro budget short but also for giving such a positive air of authenticity to this wonderful slice of his imagination." - Queer Guru

"The film figures its couple’s divergent wishes, attitudes, and ideas about their futures as a literally cosmic schism, weaving their emotional journey through Malickian montage." - Cine-File

"Enigmatic, kaleidoscopic... The brilliance of the short is in how it keeps the details vague... There are no easy answers to be found, but there’s a lot to ponder." - The Queer Review

"Opening with a hedonistic rave that looks like it’s shot by Gaspar Noé… Mankind tackles complex questions… whilst keeping proceedings swift and effective." - Culture Fix

"An intense character study that doesn’t let go from the start, led by some really strong performances." - Director's Notes

“I loved the experimental form, the visual and aural sensibility and above all, the queering of science fiction into something tangible and emotional.” - Wash Westmoreland

"That Anderson can say so much, so subtly, in so short a space of time is proof, once again, that he is one of the most interesting film makers working today." - Flick Feast

Mankind (2019) 


A restless young man wants to leave love and the Earth behind. 

Mankind is a short film that reflects on the idea of human beings as explorers by nature, and on the consequences of standing still for too long.


Running Time: 13 mins
Format: HD

Cast: Ricky Nixon and Alexis Gregory

Director, Editor: Layke Anderson

Writers: Layke Anderson, Ryan Child

Cinematographer: Alejandro Sesma
Camera Operators: Adrian Ardelean, Jean-Paul Berthoin

Sound: Iris Jenkins, Artur Strakhov, Olga Molchanova Reed

Music: Theo Bedoucha, Chris Weeks, David Bickley, Tom Green

Producer: Layke Anderson

Executive Producer: Stephen Fry


BFI Flare: London LGBTQ+ Film Festival [UK] - Official Selection

Raindance Film Festival [UK] - Official Selection

Oaxaca Film Festival [Mexico] - Official Selection (New Industry)

Roze Filmdagen: Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival [Netherlands] - Official Selection

Philadelphia International LGBTQ+ Film Festival [USA] - Official Selection

Wicked Queer: Boston LGBTQ+ Film Festival [USA] - Official Selection

FilmOut San Diego [USA] - Winner: Best Short Film [Male] ♂️

Malmö LGBTQ+ Short Film Festival [Sweden] - Official Selection

Korea Queer Film Festival [Republic of Korea] - Official Selection

Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival [India] - Official Selection

OutWest Film Fest [USA] - Official Selection

Tel Aviv Film Club Pride Film Festival [Israel] - Winner: Best Director 

Antwerp Queer Arts Festival [Belgium] - Official Selection 

The Shortest Nights Film Festival [UK] - Official Selection

Reeling: Chicago LGBT Film Festival [USA] - Official Selection

Durban Gay and Lesbian Film Festival [South Africa] - Official Selection

KinoFilm: Manchester Short Film Festival [UK] - Official Selection

The Palace International Film Festival [UK] - Official Selection

Reelout Queer Film Festival [Canada] - Official Selection

All Genders, Lifestyles, and Identities Film Festival Austin [USA] - Official Selection

Vision Feast Film Festival [New Zealand] - Official Selection, Nominee: Best Queer Project

Festival MIX Milano [Italy] - Official Selection


Mankind is now available as part of the Boys on Film 20: Heaven Can Wait collection, available on DVD and On Demand.

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