Shopping (2016)


A young man meets the worn voice of a fading city under the lights of a London sex shop.


Running Time: 12 mins
Format: HD

Cast: Ricky Nixon and Bruce Payne

Director: Layke Anderson

Writer: Ryan Child
Editor: Layke Anderson
Cinematographer: Alejandro Sesma

Sound: Owen Spencer

Music: Tom Green
Producers: Layke Anderson, Ryan Child, Alejandro Sesma

Distributor: Shorts International

"...a straight-on, clear-eyed view of the realities of modern life... Layke Anderson's 'Shopping' is a surprisingly astute soliloquy from a sex shop owner that reminds us to be grateful for what we have." - The List

"Layke Anderson's 'Shopping' is a well-played two hander set in a Soho sex shop as Ricky Nixon's punter gets a philosophy lesson from a butt-plug peddler (Bruce Payne)" - Empire

"...draws on the richest themes of city storytelling: the thin wall between haves and have-nots and the poignancy of chance encounters... Layke Anderson's 'Shopping' has a moving meeting between a young man and a surprisingly reflective assistant in a Soho sex shop..." - The Times


Brest European Short Film Festival (France) - European Competition

East End Film Festival (UK) - Nominated for Best Short Film

Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival (UK) - Winner of Best Short Film

East Coast Film Festival (UK) - Winner of Best Short Film

Portobello Film Festival (UK) - Nominated for Best Drama

Ouchy Film Awards (Switzerland) - Nominated for Best Actor

Weihnachtsilmfestival (Germany) - Nominated for Best Short Film

London Short Film Festival (UK) - Official Selection

London Lift Off Film Festival (UK) - Official Selection

Oxford International Film Festival (UK) - Official Selection

Solaris International Film Festival (France) - Official Selection

Hackney Attic Film Festival (UK) - Official Selection

OFFline Film Festival (Ireland) - Official Selection

International Izmir Short Film Festival (Turkey) - Official Selection

The Shortest Nights (UK) - Official Selection

Pori Film Festival (Finland) - Official Selection

Chaktomuk Short Film Festival (Cambodia) - Official Selection