Currently filming, Sweet Brother tells the story of Jude, a gentle young man who journeys across 'Hell' to pay a healing visit to a woman called Bess - a blind pot-head with a love for house-plants and classic literature, but an aversion to people.


What Jude is to discover, is that this woman isn’t at all who she appears to be on the surface, for Bess also happens to possess what just might be the most powerful object in all the universe. So the question is, will the pious young man submit to temptation, or will a blind adherence to dogma protect him from the coming 'apocalypse'.


While an experimental horror film about being refined in the fire, Sweet Brother is also a love story; a savage fairy tale touching on transformation and morality, chaos and revelation, the number eleven, fruitcake... and unicorns. The film also explores the guises of Satan and the limits of God’s patience. meditation on the fall from grace.

The journey so far...

What began as a writing exercise during the lockdown of 2020 quickly grew into something of a passion project based around the idea of 'faith', and the screenplay was devised around two magnificent actors, Sophie Brooke and Orlando Brooke.


crowdfunding campaign was launched on Good Friday 2021, successfully raising more than 122% of the original target budget, with backers including BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Martin Sherman, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Stephen Fry and John Cameron Mitchell. 


Thank you to everyone who has already backed or supported this film. Follow our progress either here, or on the film's Instagram or Facebook pages. The Indiegogo link will also remain active throughout the course of production, should any new backers with to join us on this journey, and new perks will be added in the coming weeks.



Sophie Brooke

as 'Bess'


Orlando Brooke

as 'Jude'


Raffiella Chapman

Maya Markelle

Peter McPherson

Lisa Moorish

Carl Barât

Charlie MacGechan

Gem Carmella 

Chloe Keenan

Merryl Ansah 

Alistair Hall

Stefania Licari

Executive producers: Pip Pickering, Robert Mathis and Dan Hubbard.

Co-producers: Scott Brand, Aidan O'Callaghan and Sasha Latoya.

Associate producers: Christian Mahieu, Stuart Crowder and Glen Allen. 

Producers: Layke Anderson and Alejandro Sesma.

Creative producer: Leni Von Eckardt.

Casting Director: Maia Von Hurter.

Director of Photography: Alejandro Sesma.

Additional Photography: Jean-Paul Berthoin.

Writer and Director: Layke Anderson.

Further cast and crew will be announced over the coming weeks.

If you would like to get in touch for more information, please use the CONTACT form.

Casting on the film has already been completed.